Crossdressing Chloe
My name is Chloe Cream (WHIPPED). I'm a crossdressing super-girl. I'm beautiful. I'm 21 years old.

I'm a boy who looks like a girl. I act like a girl. I like to have sex like I'm a girl. And I want to feel pretty like a girl. I'm very sub, I'm a lip gloss high heel wearing powder puff. I'm made of candy floss.

I like to be taken. But only by a woman. I'm a lesbian sugar puff

If you like to say hello to me, or if you want to take me on a ride (I'm very very flexible) my email address is thusly:-


The corset feels tight against me. Delicious. More than anything bit of cloth. More than any bit of dress it feels easily the most sexual. The most sexualising. The most sensual. It’s the restriction that does it for me. The hesitation of breathe. The not being able to move properly. 

I’m forced into the wall by the strings as she tightens the grip around me. I can already hear her breathe wanting to move inside of me. The desire to penetrate. 

She whispers words into my ear that I don’t here. They are dirty and sordid. I hear only their intent. The ownership in them. 

She tells me to step back into the mirror so I can see myself.

I look like a dirty little whore. 

My feet are stilts. 6 inch at the least. Their made up of plastic and cheap tinny metal. They’re stripper heels in my size which makes them far too big for any other human being. My make up isn’t dignified. My lips are red and my eye are all in shadow. It already looks like it’ll smudge quickly. The pink wig looks cheap and the shape doesn’t suit me. The collar says the word sex on it. The corset bites into me. My legs look long. Longer still in stockings but my ass is full exposed in these knickers. I look like I’m made to be paid for sex

‘Look at yourself’

I do. I look into the me that stares back at me. I feel the heat rising in me. The unbelievable overwhelming desire to be exactly the image in front of me. To suck up my stomach a little, thrust my chest forward, protude slighty my ass into the air. I part my lips. I breathe in the air. 

She smiles me

“You love it”

I smile. Weakly

“You’re such a dirty little slut”

She guides me to my knees without letting me take my eyes off the mirror. By her crotch she lifts her fingers down to the zipper and takes out the dildo that has been waiting to enter me. She brings forward my mouth with her hand on the back of my head and forces me onto it. All the way down. Past my tongue and into my throat. Back out. Back in. She spends no time waiting to completely fuck my mouth. She has let my eyes leave me. I’m dirt to her. I close my eyes as the pain becomes a suffocating rape


She hesitates for a second at full reach. At this time her cock is half way down my throat and I can’t breathe. There’s spit all over my chin and I’m crying. I open them to her. Looking up. 

She smiles

And continues you more softly

“For your first time, I won’t be using lubricate. Make your mouth as wet as possible. It’s the only thing that will make the pain less worse”

I see the truth in her words from her eyes that move over me. I respond. Slowly at first. Then in larger bursts. I dive all over her. Flowing fluid around me. 


“Keep going”

I do. For minutes. Her eyes constantly on me. Her hand guiding my head. She experiments. 

“Good slut”

She retracts. Removes. 

“Lean forward”

I do.

“All fours”

I do.

She spreads my legs apart

“This will hurt”

She enters me quickly. Violently. Her only hinderance is how slow my skin stretches. It is unbelievably agony that I cannot speak. I cannot breathe. She stares straight into my horror. My silent agonising unbelievable scream. And smiles.

“Good girl”

And begins to move back and forth within me

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