Crossdressing Chloe
My name is Chloe Cream (WHIPPED). I'm a crossdressing super-girl. I'm beautiful. I'm 21 years old.

I'm a boy who looks like a girl. I act like a girl. I like to have sex like I'm a girl. And I want to feel pretty like a girl. I'm very sub, I'm a lip gloss high heel wearing powder puff. I'm made of candy floss.

I like to be taken. But only by a woman. I'm a lesbian sugar puff

If you like to say hello to me, or if you want to take me on a ride (I'm very very flexible) my email address is thusly:-


Straight from the Mattel factory.
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    Straight from the Mattel factory.

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    im so sissy brainwashed that I see the pink and outfits and don’t even see the girl
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